yes, that is actually me

I have been a Graphic Designer for over a decade now. I have seen the industry go from dial up to dropbox.

I actually started off my career answering a fifty word ad in the Toronto Star. That ad was for RMP Athletic Locker Ltd., a clothing distributer for many clients including Ripzone, Powder Room, Umbro, FILA and EIRA. During my 13 years there, I learnt all aspects of the graphic design field including silkscreening and graphics for garments, textile design, catalogue design, billboard design, package design, print ad design, website design and much more. In the end of my 13 years at RMP I was responsible for managing a creative services team of 11, which was comprimised of graphic designers, photographers, web developers & audio/visual services for over 13 different brands.

Now, I have taken what I have learnt and spearheading the creative production for all media that pertains to Pinnacle Cosmetics Private Label. The role demands proficiency in comprehensive brand strategy and project management. Responsibilities entail designing graphics for print, web, social media, advertising and photography.

I love design and I am fortunate to do something I love for a living. I have a supportive husband, a 10 year old daughter and twin 6 year old sons. I make the conscious effort to balance work and motherhood without sacrificing either.

I look forward to more challenges and hopefully some great opportunities!